What Is a Microgrid?

A “grid” is a network of conductors, power sources, and energy loads across a specific geographic area. A microgrid is a smaller grid that covers the energy needs for a limited area. Capable of powering whole towns, neighborhoods, farms, or large businesses, microgrids allow you to reduce your reliance on big utilities, make intelligent economic choices between available power sources, or even disconnect from the traditional grid completely.

Microgrids draw their power from a variety of sources, such as renewable energies. Each microgrid design currently includes an energy storage source to ensure uninterrupted energy service.

Microgrid Benefits

Microgrids offer businesses, organizations, and farms substantial benefits.

Reduces your structural operating costs.
Maximizes your financial
returns by increasing utility
cost savings.
Provides energy security by protecting utility and energy infrastructure.
Harnesses clean energy to reduce your carbon footprint.

Microgrids supply organizations with electricity from the sources that best meet their usage. It is energy that is flexible, utilizing the best source at the most appropriate time. For instance, on sunny days a microgrid will source much of its power from solar arrays. Extra power can be stored in battery banks for use at night or when solar energy is not at its peak. 

The flexibility of microgrids also extends to the energy source, drawing power from sources such as renewable energies, generators, and even the traditional grid. It all depends on the organization, their power needs (peak demand and total consumption), their rate structure (demand charges, time-of-use, etc.) , and their sourcing choices.

Our Microgrid Solution

We work with farmers and business owners to understand their energy requirements, then we work with the engineering team at ELM and/or GAI Energy to design and install customized microgrids that meet their energy needs. Our experts take into careful consideration your energy usage, analyzing when you need power and how much you need at a time to determine your optimal microgrid system. 

Contact us today to discuss your energy needs and
to learn what a microgrid can do for your business. 

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