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In 2008, two electrical engineers banded together with the goal of becoming the best provider of high quality green energy technology in the Hoosier state. Chris Rohaly and Neal Rhodes brought together a combined 60 years of electrical design, implementation, and trouble-shooting experience with an excitement for renewable energy technologies. And so began GAI Energy – a Midwest green energy company striving for a greener future.

Our certified installers can handle any project, no matter the degree of technicality. We specialize in the full spectrum of solar offerings, from kilowatt to megawatt. We install systems for small businesses as well as execute larger projects for commercial and agricultural customers. Our goal is always to help our customers achieve energy independence and power their operations while reducing their carbon footprint.

We are here to save our customers money, provide fairly-priced products, and impact the environment in a positive, long-lasting way all through renewable energy. When you work with GAI, you partner with a company that places accuracy and integrity first and foremost into everything we do. We know solar energy projects are huge undertakings, and we make our customers’ decisions to invest in solar the easiest one they will make for their business or farm.

Since Neal’s sudden passing in 2019, Chris continues to lead GAI Energy, building a greener world while providing businesses and farms throughout the Midwest with energy security.

Meet the Leadership Team

Chris Rohaly


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Cindy Rohaly

Vice President

Lamar Sledge

Service Manager

Ryan Heimbach

Project Management

Why GAI Energy


Our crew members are educated and certified technicians and our lead installers have earned degrees from renewable energy programs. We are committed to continuing education through equipment manufacturers and acknowledged national renewable energy organization training programs. Our commitment to excellence is why many Indiana utilities regularly suggest customers reach out to GAI Energy.


In Indiana, electrical installations are only required to meet the minimal standards of the 2008 National Electrical Code required by Indiana. At GAI Energy, every project we install meets the best practices outlined in the 2020 National Electrical Code. We use proven suppliers and products to ensure reliability and maximize efficiencies. All components we install meet UL safety standards. We also strive to use only the highest quality components for our systems and support “North American Made” products whenever possible.


Our goal at GAI Energy is not to sell you the largest or most expensive system possible. Instead we take an honest look at your power usage and then design a system with your lowest cost of energy in mind. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our installations either; we create optimal designs for each client. When you work with us, you enjoy the confidence of knowing you’ve chosen a company that will design a project that best fits your property, budget, and goals. And we don’t leave you after the project is complete but offer ongoing operations and maintenance for your system.

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